Do we have any casual gamers?

If I get a bit of downtime during the week (dishes done, boys asleep, empty whiteboard) then I’ll put on the headphones and play a game.

I can’t be alone :wink:

So I’m wondering - Who’s up for a bit of social gaming? What games do we play?

I play <a=>Minecraft, <a=>OpenTTD and I’m giving <a=>0ad a go. I have a small Minecraft server that I tool around on with a couple others a couple hours a week - I’d be happy to open it up to a few Pirates!


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Minecraft, but only really with my 6yo daughter since she loves it so much I’d get sick of it if I played it more than I already do with her.

OpenTDD is rad but I am terrible at it.

The game I play most is Dota 2. It’s not very casual.

I could be up for Minecraft, survival mode. Creative is too dull.

0ad looks good, hadn’t heard of it before you posted about it.

I play a lot of games that have multiplayer elements. Stuff like Civ 5 would be cool with a few players.

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I am not a big gamer, but Minecraft sounds nice… what about Freeciv and other FOSS games.

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In the sparse free time I do get, I’ve been mainly playing Minecraft (mainly tech / magic oriented modpacks (Currently playing Bevo’s Tech Pack from ATLauncher), the vanilla game’s long since grown a bit tired, for me), Starbound, and Xonotic (FOSS FPS, similar to Unreal Tournament).

Been trying to get into Crusader Kings II, at the recommendation of Brendan and others. Still have absolutely no idea what I’m doing though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, and two other decent FOSS FPSs I play from time to time, both based on the Cube2 engine, Sauerbraten and Red Eclipse. The latter has a fairly interesting play style due to the rather unique movement options - low gravity + parkour + mid-air dash-jumping amongst other things.

Civ V looks… amazing. $70 nosomuch. Though to be honest, I could probably twist my own arm. Steam has it for Linux after all :wink: 0ad is still in progress, but everyhting except the AI seems pretty much done. It’s quite beatiful too.

Dota 2 looks like it could eat entire days haha Is it ok for quick/casual gaming?

If anyone want to poke around my mc server then give me a bump and I’ll add you. It’s vanilla 1.8, sorry jscinoz :wink: I’ll grab Xonotic tonight, it looks frenetic!

I wouldn’t recommend buying Civ 5 for now. Wait until it’s got all DLCs and on special. It goes down to $20 for all every now and then.

I’m looking forward to Civ: Beyond Earth tbh.


Likewise, try hold off on Beyond Earth initially.

Sometime last month they realised they forgot to apply the Australia Tax, and the launch price went up to $90.

Speaking of the Australia Tax, some folks over on r/Australia are looking to get a site up to name & shame the worst offenders (plus offer a bit of advertising for those who don’t gouge Australians, in case anyone was interested in joining that effort.

I have far more games than hours to play them :frowning:

I switch around between XBox 360, PS3 and PC as my mood dictates. Lately I’ve been playing Minecraft (360 and PC), Civ 5 (got the game + all DLC in a Steam sale), Warframe (PC), Amalur (PS3), Red Dead Redemption (360).

Genre wise I prefer MMO / RPG, single player for FPS (because spending most of my time respawning after being sniped or knifed in multiplayer is just no fun), sandbox (Minecraft), slow(er) paced strategy (Civ / Settlers).

Looking forward to Destiny, DA:I and Civ: Beyond Earth (all pre-ordered).

With respect to the Australia tax, I get most of my games from (physical and codes) or Steam sales. Humble Bundles and Bundle Stars are good for indie games too plus they occasionally have AAA titles on sale.

I’ll have to check out some of the other games mentioned above, they sound good.

My steam profile:

Pretty sure there’ll be something fun that’ll eventuate.

I’ve have dabbled in Minecraft, but I tend to play Planetside 2 for the most part, as well as Lord of the Rings Online (i’ll binge then break, binge then break with that one).

Civ (damn near any of em) is good though (even tho nothing beats Civ2 muahah).
Prior to Planetside2 the Battlefield franchise was my main poison. I do have a soft spot for FPS games, despite my wife hating them. I guess some of my first online gaming was Quake 1, and I do still miss those days a little.

And the amount of time I sunk into Ultima Online in the now distant past is scary… :-o
(Never got into WoW, played Star Wars Galaxies instead in that era before going to LOTRO)

I’d not mind having a peek in your Minecraft server sometime though Joe.
I’ve been meaning to set one up for my kids to play in sometime, but never get around to it. Main issue is time, i do own a lot more games than i have time to play. I excitedly downloaded my freebie humble bundle Tropico3 yesterday… only to realise i’ll probably never play it. lol.

These 0ad and OpenTTD look interesting, never heard of them. May have to check them out.
Of course, I’m still yet to finish the very final level of Portal (1).

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I declare you on administrative leave up until the time you have completed Portal. You can’t be expected to be a competent Secretary if you leave this incomplete!


I’d be interested in a game of Civ. I’ve never really played 0ad/OpenTTD but they look pretty neat.

Steam profile

I’m going to follow Brendan’s sage advice and wait for Civ5 to go on special :smiley: CS:GO was just ported to Linux a few days ago (Steam haven’t updated the page yet) and at $15 I think I might have to. I did say “no more FPSs” but I might have to break the rule. Just this once :smiley:

If you want to have a peek in the server just message me your in-game name and I’ll add you to the whitelist.

I game on the odd occasion usually via steam. But recently no time for it due to commitments with uni.

Only games I’ve played recently is World of tanks and Hearthstone , though it doesn’t help I couldn’t bring my rig down to Geraldton :frowning: been hanging out to play Arena Commander and BF4. Mind you the net isn’t fantastic either haha.

Minecraft and Dota 2 are two of my passions as well. And yes…there is nothing casual about the latter :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a regular in Destiny, but since my PS3 packed it in, I’m completely offline (and hating it). Once I get it repaired and back up, I’ll likely be back in Destiny (maybe getting TK DLC) and finally finishing GTA:V.

TF2 for me, also play Civ5, but the body doesnt hold up that well for such extended gameplaying periods (bad shoulder)…