Double dissolution trigger appears: what will we do in any eventuality?

Hey there,

As you may be aware, the The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2013 failed to pass the Senate for a second time, giving the Abbott Government a double dissolution trigger.

In the event that a double dissolution election is declared, I will immediately put up the preselection nomination form for all states and territories, and mail it to announcements. This however does not mean that these nominations will be guaranteed to be accepted.

An emergency National Council meeting will be called to determine in which states and territories we will contest. Based on previous experience, this will likely be all states where at least 2 candidates nominate, and only territories where those candidates will happily self-fund their campaign, as territories have an extremely low chance of success (and only 3 year terms for Senators, bizarre system).

If we were to run in WA, SA, NSW, Qld, Vic, and Tas, this would cost us $24,000 just in nomination fees ($2000 per candidate). We currently have approximately half of that, so a very quick donation campaign would need to be launched in order to get at least $50,000 for campaigning material and nomination fees.

So, that’s the reality and the likely eventuality: we’ll run where we can, we’ll run hard, and we’ll run fast. :smile:


In all seriousness, the first thing I thought of when I saw this heading was Pokemon.

A wild double dissolution trigger appears!

Onward and upward, people. It just got interesting.

It’s a good thing for me that I’m not teaching in this second semester then. We had some great results up here in QLD last time around. A double dissolution give us a great opportunity to get on the mainstream radar.