Dr Monique Mann speaking at congress 2018

(Laura) #1

Thanks a lot Monique for your inspiring talk on Sunday.

(Guy Kennedy) #2

Thanks for sending this Laura. As Monique said, the Icelandic Pirate Party has an effective strategy of extending its reach and influence by having members on boards of stakeholder organisations.

It would also be interesting to know the campaign strategy they used to achieve 15% primary vote. As Monique said, the large primary vote may be related to specific issues such as corruption and economic conditions, but it would be useful to know how they promoted their party and policies to achieve that result.

Note to video editor: It was helpful that Laura sent the link to when Monique started her talk. The video is over six hours long which makes it difficult to find each topic. For future congresses, it might be easier for viewers if there was a congress schedule listing each topic and time, or if the video was split into smaller files, one for each topic.

Hope you had a successful congress and all the best for the next year’s elections!

(Alex Jago) #3

Last year and this year, we livestreamed via YouTube (previously we’ve had an audio stream done somehow via PPAU IT infrastructure). That YT has saved the livestream and it’s still available afterwards is just a nice bonus. All of which is to say there is no video editor.

But you’re correct, it would be good to have Monique’s section as its own thing. One more for the todo list!

(Guy Kennedy) #4

Hey Alex,

Got it. If you need to do any basic editing like that in future just let me know. I can do stuff like that pretty easily using Final Cut Pro X (after downloading the video from YT) - if it fits on the to do list :wink:

(Andrew Downing) #5

Someone could edit relevant links directly into the YT description text after the fact.


In theory there’s always the congress agenda to refer to, but that never gets followed exactly for various reasons. This year day two especially was switched around a lot at the last minute due to nomination issues.

(miles_w) #7

If you are interested in doing that, that would be great! I can upload it. Monique’s talk starts from about 53:10 until 1:46:00 gosh I sound so robotic :confused:

(Guy Kennedy) #9

Here you go: