Draft: Part 1 of Strategy for review and feedback

Please find here.

Note it does not have a list of actions or activities nor does it have metrics for tracking and communicating progress yet.

I would like to get some feedback particularly on the wording, as this is representative of the group think and history as well as future direction of the party and needs to be much more than my own views.

Later we will develop a roadmap and a list of strategic actions, but this will take some time and discussion at the executive level.


I like it. Here’s my feedback:

Page 3 – Mission
– Layout – looks unbalanced. I would move Visionary to the left column and shrink the pirate ship
– Stand us out – I prefer ‘stand out’
– Often similar to others – comma
– Civil Liberty and Digital Freedom – comma
– We hold to / The party holds to – I prefer ‘holds’, but ‘holds to’ sounds piratey so whatever

Page 4 – Values
– Facts, scientific method, data – ‘and data’
– Image – is a little messy. Could ‘Rationality, Decentralisation, IP’ be aligned right to left same as ‘Civil, Digital, Freedom’? Are lines connecting circles necessary, considering colour coding?

Page 5 – Contacts
– Photos - professional photos might better support our ‘professional and competent’ image.
– Born on the internet… - Long sentence. Maybe use: …hackers, engineers and enthusiasts. Those in power are oppressing that culture using laws originally intended to protect the people equitably from control and monopolies. Like the seaborn pirates… Maybe revise further. I don’t know what you mean by ‘control and monopolies’ or which laws your referring to, or whether engineers are particularly oppressed.

Can’t wait to see the Roadmap and Actions.


Thanks for feedback.
Have updated from you recommendations above. Same link.

This link no longer works. Anyone have a copy of the original document?

Well, @edeity took his bat and ball …


I saved a copy. Whats the best way to share it here? I’m not keen to leave a OneDrive link here permanently.

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Will the wiki let you upload PDFs?


Mediawiki: Permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, webp, pdf, bmp, tex.

@adam If you’re having issues uploading drop me a line.

EDIT: Or you can probably just upload it to discourse (should be a button when creating a post)

Discourse uploads are limited to common image types, from memory.

Thanks. Discourse only likes images but here it is in the wiki.

Edit: Pre changes suggested above.


For future reference: Discourse now allows PDFs.