Draft Strategic Plan 2017 for discussion and comment

After several meetings, the strategy working group has prepared the following draft for the PPAU Strategic Plan 2017 for general comment. This work is partially a product of the National Council, and partially a product of interested party members who participated in the working group. In one week the NC will make any amendments to the plan as we see fit then do a vote to accept the plan.

For reference, here is our mission Statement (from the Party Constitution) which is analogous to a 10 year plan:

Pirate Party Australia strives to protect and expand civil and digital liberties, social equality and freedom of culture. We seek to safeguard the inalienable rights of all natural persons of Australia and the freedoms of the emergent global information society. The Party seeks to have these values reflected in the laws and institutions of Australia.

6 goals for the NC to adopt on behalf of the party:

a) 1 year plan: raise awareness of the party brand
b) 1 year plan: form local crews in each state capital
c) 1 year plan: reach 750 members nationally
d) 2 year plan: consistent activity by all squads and crews over this time period along with accountability at a national level
e) 3 year plan: state branches registered in each state
f) 6 year plan: get a PPAU member elected to a parliament

Additionally, the following process shall be adhered to as part of this strategic plan:

At each Congress, the outgoing National Council shall present a report detailing what progress has been made on each of the goals via tangible metrics. After each Congress, the incoming Council shall analyse the report and adjust the goals as necessary.

Once this plan has been adopted by the NC, the following points will need to be addressed:

  • Marketing plan for party awareness encompassing platform, policy and target market
  • How to guide for building a local crew
  • Outreach towards party members in those states that have a struggling presence