Duck Duck Go time

Well Pirates, it seems like it has well and truly become time to switch out Google search for something more neutral like DuckDuckGo.

Reasons to duck and go?

  • Privacy: The Ducky folks don’t track your history
  • Political Neutrality: The Googly folks have a political agenda, and they’re fucking with your search results to pursue that.
  • Freeze Peach: Yeah!

That’ll do it for me.

You don’t even need to switch out from the Chrome browser.
The duck duck go webpage at: has an option to install a Chrome extension that makes DuckDuckGo your default search engine on the Chrome browser, that is still IMHO, the best browser around.


You don’t even need an extension.

I’m thinking of switching over to Firefox from Chrome though. I would’ve, but I rely heavily on multiple user profiles and FF isn’t nearly so seamless.

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p0rn for noobs … cool

And the Brave browser, if not Firefox. It’s built in chromium and has ad blocking built in.

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