Electorates where PP is contesting

Hi all. New to this site and only just joined today. Maybe it’s just not obvious to me on the site, but I can’t seem to find what electorates The PP will be contesting. Is there a map somewhere, or list and names of candidates? I’m in QLD.

I’d like to see a downfall of the Mafia and the Mob (The Coalition and Labor) who are engaged in a perpetual, self-serving, crony capitalism and who are, corrupt, mendacious grifters.

Hi @Mobius2011, welcome to the site.
Check out this announcement from September for information on endorsed candidates:

You’re in luck, in Queensland we have @Brandon and @miles_w running for senate.

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Awesome Laura, thanks. It might be worthwhile for the website admins to add a page under “organise and discuss” or “participate” for newbies like me looking for info on the party.

yea… @alexjago, who are the admins here? this suggestion is for them.

We’re pending the big announcement on a few things, like sorting out WA.

Just a suggestion. As I’d like to volunteer some sort of support, but when i went looking up candidate info, I couldn’t find any, so almost gave up. Instead, I went the extra step and signed up to the forum to ask the question.

I realise there is a participate section, but many might have come here to this site, not been able to immediately identify candidates and assumed you don’t have representation and moved on. Which I’m sure is the opposite of what you want.


@alexjago, can we just announce what we know and note the pending WA decision?

I find this a bit harsh, but true :skull_and_crossbones:

The launch of a offensive in Victoria ?:game_die:

I have little time for the political duopoly mate. They have an interest in preventing independents come to the forefront and threaten their hegemony. None of them either side care about internet freedom or privacy, in fact, they are trying to remove it. Illegal wars our allies partake in, they say nothing about. And pretend they care about climate change, then do the opposite of solving it and I don’t think I’ve heard a single party talk about AI and the future where UBI might be needed. They are Luddites. The captains drunk and we are on the titanic.


Well said, that would make a good Press Release :pen:
Have you thought about joinging the Press Team?

No. I assumed that would be for qualified people, haha and that’s not me :wink: . In saying that, I can help out wherever help is needed.

@Mobius2011 Hi!

Just wanted to say thank you for enquiring about this and thanks for supporting us!

Sara Joyce

@SaraJoyce, no worries. I see you are representing Blue Mountains.Nice one. I lived there for 10 years and went to school there for a bit. Beautiful part of the world. You should get some traction there with PP i imagine. Good luck.

@Mobius2011 Thank you! Just to clarify i’m representing NSW in the Senate not just the Blue Mountains. The seat in my electorate is “Macquarie” however as a senator you represent the whole state and as such the whole state votes for you or not!


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Seconding this. I would love to see an easy list of candidates with a link to their platforms. I’m not super into politics but would like to support the party so some tasks for newbies or some local ways to support the candidites themselves would be great.


Our candidates are active across social media but we haven’t officially launched the campaign yet. The candidate social media pages are:



New South Wales



West Australia


Our candidate website pages are underway, but we need help with web development to get it looking extra schmick. Our candidates also all need help with social media content generation, and our national campaign needs help with press releases. The only requirement for press and social media is a little writing ability although some anger or passion goes a long way :pirate_flag:

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