Fix the site calendar [complete]

The site calendar used to track meetings and what not is quite difficult to use due to bugs.

Task: Fix/upgrade the site calendar

Status: Complete.

Also the calendar feed is flagged as AEST (UTC+10), the times are actually marked as UTC (i.e. 20140514T190000Z: the Z at the end stands for Zulu — That is UTC) but are actually in local time… this makes it really annoying for people who want to subscribe to the calendar feed.

In summary, make the calendar source accurate so that one can subscribe and receive accurate times.
Replace the Z (UTC) for a correct time difference: A corrected version is available here

compare the first image (from the website) to a web calendar client reading the export.

Thanks to work from Nick the calendar has been updated. Events should display TZ info correctly, the feed no longer needs to be adjusted and the hover bug is gone.

Cheers Nick :smiley:

The data entry does not match the events @Fletcher, your online meeting is entered at a 8 pm local time while you said that the meeting starts at 5pm local time

Apart from that it works!

awwman, so close. Nick is investigating :slight_smile: