Free land for all who need it

My work (in partnership with the Australia Institute) launched this report today.

We have devised a no losers approach to solving the land affordability crisis. We can save homebuyers between 37-50% of the cost of housing at no financial cost to the government, or give everyone who needs it free land for about $12b p.a. Vastly cheaper than universal healthcare and could easily be paid for by removing a few tax breaks to land speculators, which make land and housing even more expensive anyway.

Speech from the even launch below:

Other articles:

I will provide a link to the video when it is up on YouTube.

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Good stuff in there. I’ll dig through it more thoroughly when I have time. CLT seems to be the way to go but it’s incorporated structure should obviously be non-profit, and IMO ran by the participants as a coop.

The Queensland Greens new housing policy for reference they’re advocating for a housing trust which will be building 200,000 homes over 10 years.

Costings planned to be paid for initially with low interest bonds ($60 bil) supplemented by an increase to the mining tax and a vacant house tax. Once the scheme has been running long enough it will be sustained and expanded purely by rental income. They’re calculating it to reach parity in 2040 looks like (21~ years)

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I think anything that can help people obtain their own land is a plus, & it is not only the young couples having a hard time.
Well done.

Has anyone though about the idea of a plugin lifestyle as described in John Brunners Book “Shockwave Rider”…
the basic concept is a highly mobile population that frequently move homes and cities… One idea is having standard plots of land with fixed utilities so that you can plonk your relocatable home on the site and connect up…
Something more substantial than a caravan park