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yeah, so, I was gunna fix the spelling but … I would’ve thought the funny red squiggly line would be a hint.

Welcome aboard @Cizin

I trust you’ll welcome constructive feedback considering your current aspirations.

Learn to spell and proof read.

edit. It reflects your attention to detail.

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Well thanks for that bit of advice, I’m thinking you probably taught your mother how to suck eggs.?

Learn to spell and proof read.
edit. It reflects on your attention to detail.

I had to fix up the grammar for you , but I gather you were not paying attention to detail, when you typed it The important thing is, I understood what your saying, and the way you said it, tells me even more.

As a wise man once said, "No, I won’t stop swearing. Fuck that as well. Words are NOT magical."
And I do load my own, so if you need and 300 WM let me know.

Words are not magical, but the words you choose and the way that you express yourself conveys a great deal about your character. If you want to represent the party, then you probably need to keep that in mind.

@twisty is the “Social Media Officer”. It says so right there next to his name on his own posts.
It’s his job to manage the way PPAU presents itself to the world through social media.
He’s giving you important advice here, but it seems like you missed it.

So I’m assuming that by “300 WM” you are referring to .300 Winchester Magnum bullets, that you load yourself.
Given that there’s no apparent prior context of a friendly conversation between you and @twisty regarding gun hobbies or such like, this reads a lot like a loosely veiled threat.

Is that what you intended?

Hi Andrew,
Lets take a look at this,
First , I think that if twisty wanted to give a member a dressing down, it should have been done in a private email and not on an open forum, that goes for your comments as well.
Second, twesti, I don’t know HTF he is, “Social Media Officer” no name and no reference to him on your National Council listing.
He’s giving you important advice here, If you think telling someone to Learn to spell and proof read. and making a smart ass comment like, I would’ve thought the funny red squiggly line would be a hint. is an appropriate way to speak to someone, without having any knowledge of their educational background and/or circumstances well . . I have to disagree
Third, " If you want to represent the party, then you probably need to keep that in mind.". is this a threat ? that anyone wanting to further the PPAU in Australia has to fit your personal view of reality, “dot the I’s and cross the T’s boy, or you will never get ahead in this world.”
Forth, this reads a lot like a loosely veiled threat. a threat to do what? and as I don’t know who he is it would be pointless.

But ha, I’m sure you and the twister have the best interest of the PPAU at heart, and that’s a good thing.
I agree with you we must stay vigilant and maintain the highest standards of integrity and lets not forget the most important thing ,

It could have been done privately. I chose not to. As a potential Pirate candidate @Cizin I would expect you to have some tolerance of public criticism.

That’s because the Social Media Officer is not a National Council position.
And anyway, your link is to the last NC nominations page, not the finally elected council.
Attention to detail is important.
ps. I’m also a newly minted NC Councillor.

You don’t have to. Your choice.

I also suggest you learn to use the discourse “quote” function.


called it …

I shall opine as I see fit.

Good luck with your aspirations.

Pirate Party Australia is going to be a bit of a shock for you then, because just about everything gets decided out in the open. Transparency is a party fundamental. Get used to it.

Twisty is our Social Media Officer (everyone can tell that because it says so next to his user name in every communication (users can not set that for themselves - it’s an admin function). Twisty is also an elected member of the national council, and you can tell that if you look at the correct web page (

That was not a threat. That was advise that you seem too immature to accept.
You have nominated yourself for the party to support you as a candidate for a federal election, to become a member of parliament. Basic literacy is a requirement in my opinion, and I expect also in the opinions of most party members and most voters. Every message I’ve seen from you so far has contained gross spelling and grammatical errors that were clearly not just messaging abbreviations, while writing in a platform that visually indicates those errors to you as you type.

A threat to shoot him.
When you’re having a disagreement with someone, and you suddenly mention loading your own “300 WM” bullets and that he should let you know if he needs some, then that will be interpreted as a threat, because it clearly is exactly that.
Saying that you don’t know who @twisty is, is entirely beside the point. We do not conduct political discourse here by threatening each other with bullets.

Everyone loves ZZ Top.

United we Stand - Divided we Fall.

Unity is our strength. Cizin, calm down pal, Save your bullet loading for the real threats - and it ain’t the Office Holders of the Pirate Party.

John Wilson - out.


Hi Mateies,
Just so you understand the context regarding my load my own no there is no threat to life or lim, the comment was in refferance to eairler poasts from The Twister.Capture


And the Words are not Magical that was from the same post.

As for Andrew / Daves anial obbsesion with the written word, I know how the Queens Eniglish was beaten into highley educated white boys, but you might want to consider that, the vast majority of Indigenus Australians did not got that same, high standard of education. So, what, they need to pass your spelling test or they have no place in the Pirate Party? Don forget about poor, working class kids whose home life wasn’t great, and learning to read and right wasn’t a high prioty on their survive list.
Where do you imagine the membership of the PPAU will come from? it won’t be the Land Gentry, the Elitist Academics.

You want your forums to active, then don’t attack others or their opinions, just put your view as an alternative, and let the cards lay were they fall, stop trying to run the show, that’s not what Pirates were about. and good luck with your asperations and I dont mean it in the same condersending and smug way you both used it.
I was going to try and Proof Read, but frankly my dears, I dont give a dam.
While I got ya, is there a spell check option on this forum,? I’m not getting those squgglie red lines, whats the go with that Brah.

Wow, pirates are into hunting in national parks? Wtf? Is this some kind of joke?

Tell me it ain’t so!

I’m in the wrong place if it is. There’s nothing in the policy document to this end, so i’m assuming this is a case of throwing ideas around. Thing is though, such a policy would appear to be in stark contrast to existing policies in terms of spirit and intent.

It’s a very bad idea.

And btw…i’m an ‘elitist academic,’ Cizin and I like the pirate party, ‘tis why i’m spending time here. I’m also very familiar with Goldenmane’s work and I agree with you regarding swearing (and your terrible spelling is fine, imo, it’s the ideas that matter although be mindful that sometimes poor spelling can impede comprehension - get that spell checker going).

Anyway, if you are familiar with Goldenmane’s work you may also note that he is very clear on the point that ad hominem comments are completely out of order in any rational discussion. Another thing I agree with Goldenmane about.

I hope i’m not stepping on anyone’s toes, I realise i’m quite new here. Feel free to let me know if I am, i’m still getting used to the forum culture.

Btw…could I suggest an introduction thread might be nice? Just so new participants can say hi and a little about themselves?

I took it as such, by choice. Although, I think you got a bit close to the flame.


Mine looks like this.


I’m bored with this now. @Cizin … Joe, I thought this could have gone one of two ways when I made my first comment. You might have acknowledged my criticism or, you could have reacted to a perceived slight. You did the later and sadly, attacked.

If you just want to be a Pirate then it’s not a big deal. But you want to represent us Pirates … at a federal level … as an elected member of parliament. I will hold you to a higher standard.

Pirates, your member for Robertson.

Welcome aboard @PLB … I think I know you from some other forum … something to do with not being, superstitious.

It ain’t so.

yep. We do that. You may also have noticed we don’t always agree.

I started my own.

What confused me at first was no “sub-forums”, as such. Rather, there are “categories”. And the main page shows most recent replies in date order. I think that’s how it works …

Wouldn’t he be fun here :rofl:

Indeed he would! And yes, I am active on that not so superstitious forum but now i’m curious about you. You’re a Canberraean?

Btw…a good into post you made, don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

I rarely post there but remain an avid follower. I look like bigfoot and asked permission to reference the 3rd rule. Just saying.

Lol! Cool, i’ll work it out. Anyway, i’m glad there’s a bit of a crossover, it does seem fairly natural given Pirate policy document.

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I also suspect Mr. Black is a lurker here.

Let him and the other sweary one loose I say.

It was Black that directed me here, actually. I might make mention of this forum over there though I suspect for many there is only so much time to be spent on the inter webs.

Rest assured, there is nothing I can see in that policy document that would raise many concerns, and much that might be added.

Btw…I think that policy document is a really decent piece of work. Well done to all who contributed.

oh yeah …

Tell others.

I have been and will.

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