Gender/Racial Discrimination and Censorship

Hello, I am relatively new to the Pirate Party, and I apologise if this was asked earlier, as I could not find a clear answer.

What are the Pirate Party’s policies regarding discrimination and censorship? While I am against discrimination, I fear that some may attempt to use the idea of discrimination as a shield to deflect criticism, and may result in valid opinions being censored under the banner of “Racism” or “Sexism” (this can be seen in France, as protests which oppose Israel’s war with Palestine are branded racist and stopped, as is anyone who seems to critique Israel at all). Would there be any policies in place to prevent such a thing from happening?

Again, I apologise if this was asked before, or if I have asked it in the wrong area, thankyou in advance.

I do think that this is covered by the Bill of Rights policy, section Communication and expression:

Communication and Expression

  • Freedom of speech, communication and the right to express your thoughts or beliefs.
  • This applies to all mediums of communication but does not guarantee that the medium will be provided, merely that access may not be removed by the state.
    • This specifically stops laws such as blocking of Internet access for Copyright infringement.
  • This right does not include a right to be heard, or impose a duty on anyone to listen.
  • This applies regardless of the purpose of communication.
  • The right to express an opinion will be protected without exception.
  • There is no right to not be offended by the free expression of the thoughts or beliefs of others.
  • Exclusions:
    • Direct attempts to bring about the use of force against another person.
    • Intentional, false statements of fact (slander, libel, false advertising).
    • Direct threats.

As well as the general point of our Civil liberties policy.

Oh ok, great! I was just worried as I have seen places advertise freedom of speech, but throw it away when anything offensive is involved, thanks alot!.

Yeah, the Pirate movement was founded to fight censorship (among other things). As far as I know no Pirate Party anywhere has ever supported it.