General Conduct in the Discussion Community


From time to time it is important for communities to have a reset of everyone’s expectations around how they are interacting with each other in a public discussion space, such as this forum (essentially the social contract for being here), just to ensure this space remains a welcoming and friendly place for everyone. This is one such reminder, we’re posting it now as it feels like a good moment between the increasingly busy activities of the Party and our members. Expect to see similar posts in the future.

The formal rules for this discussion space are essentially lax and we like it that way. We expect to be able to trust each and every person participating in discussions to say what they mean politely and after they have thoughtfully considered the contribution they are about to make to which ever discussion is of interest that day.

However, our forum has an FAQ which sets out some good guidelines which we’d like to bring to everyone’s attention, please have another quick read even if you’ve read it before:

Do not expect perfection though, as we said just above these are: “guidelines”.

Sometimes we have to discuss controversial topics. Nothing brings out controversy quite like political debates. This reminder is not intended to stifle anyone’s viewpoint, only to inform how it is shared. The attitude you bring and manner of your contributions will determine how others judge you and whether they decide they can trust and work with you, or help implement your ideas within our Party.

Thanks for your time and participation,
Emily Sievers, President
Tom Randle, Secretary

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Thanks for putting this forward, it is long overdue. Great to see you on the forums as well!

(Tim Challis) #5

There are certain posts which have made me very enthusiastic about filling out Preferences/Notifications/Users(Muted). Good feature. Highly recommended.

(Ben McGinnes) #6

I’ve only used it the once, obviously it’s not as comprehensive as a Twitter mute, but I do kind of get why. On the other hand it’s a genuine form of salvation for one’s inbox. That said, my email filters do all sorts of entertaining things via Mailfilter (think procmail, but a bit less buggy), so that too is less of a concern.

(John August) #7

Good onya Emily. Don’t be afraid to flex your muscles when you see the need.



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