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True cost of Piracy:

Reddit discussion:

It’s less an article that really has anything to do with Piracy and more to do with weaknesses in the Credit Card system. Arguably it’s really an article that should be about supporting digital currency which has much stronger protection and control for all involved in a transaction.

Additionally it seems to try to criminalise the existence of a secondary market, which is a legal right for owned property. If I sell you a car, I do not have the right to control whether your allowed to sell that car second hand to someone later. If you rent the car from me for a day on the other hand, I do.

The model for value $M $T $I etc is just a way of expressing multidimensional value and recognising monetary currency is not the only value in a transaction, just like in anything else. But anyone learns this in the first week of studying economics at a high school level, so hopefully is not a mind blowing revolutionary thought to most.

Again it is disingenuous to argue Integrity as a dimension of value of a transaction as the basis to invalidate the existence of a secondary market which is a legal right of a free market economy. The focus should be on fixing the credit controls of the financial system rather than disrupting the entire basis of modern economics. You know those minor things like stock markets and ebay.

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This is one of those arguments where it suddenly crystallises that one really does not care who wins just so long as the participants mutually destroy one another… Too unkind?

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Do you think the banks or the thieves are the ones who get hurt? Its you the consumer paying for the innefficiency.

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Whatever makes you think they have ever been on different sides? (Yes I know this is a cheap shot/This is a tired argument. Take your pick.)