Government to introduce new legislation based on National Security Inquiry

The Government is basically going to implement the National Security Inquiry in full…

We’ve dropped a PR about this:

National security policy tends to slide in under the radar.
Should we get in contact with some other, like-minded groups and organise a protest?
Depending on how the issues are explained, a very broad range of representative groups could be interested in stopping this.

It would be fertile ground for a more creative protest, like street theatre or some other stunt.

We have tried to get a protest movement against surveillance going in the lead-up to the election last year. We had some help off the Wikileaks Party, disparate socialists and other lefty activists, but they were small and the socialists and other activists abandoned the campaign to protest about refugees, climate change, gay marriage, sharks etc.

I doubt we could get a successful campaign going around surveillance with all of the other issues floating about unless the actions were designed for small numbers.

Now all we need is a good idea.

How about staging snatching people (our people) off the streets into vans? And when people take notice of it, we hit them with pamphlets.