Guillaume Long - Ecuador’s case for Assange’s asylum is stronger than ever

(Laura) #1

(John Jeffery) #2

I think the Australian government, if we were not a vassal state, should step in and get our man back. It is appalling that Assange is exposed to the threat of torture and death by the criminal USA which has a deplorable track record on human rights abuses. By extension so does Australia.

(Laura) #3

It is interesting to me that he’s had to seek asylum because his home country, Australia, won’t provide adequate diplomatic assistance. He is unlike most refugees in that he is not fleeing his home country. The word empire seems more and more fitting…

(John August) #4

I’ll be talking about Assange and wikileaks on my “Roving Spotlight” show tomorrow. Apart from 88.9FM in Sydney, you can get a stream on . Noon-2pm, Tuesdays.

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Any problems with me pushing this on socmed?

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No worries please feel free.