Hobart Meetup, January 11

Greetings Crew,

Anyone who’d fancy a drink, some food, a chat, next Thursday from about 18:00, come on down to:

Shambles Brewery
222 Elizabeth St, Hobart



As newly minted Deputy Secretary, I look forward to at least seeing myself there. I understand due to work commitments @tserong can’t make it but I hope to see @rundll there (he’s said he’ll be there, but hey sometimes stuff happens) and maybe some others. I suggested to Tim a change of venue to keep things moving around a little.
One thing I think we may discuss is BBQ afternoon like we had at Tim’s a year or two ago when we workshopped a bunch of ideas and things that although didn’t go anywhere seemed to be a good model for future work. I reckon it may be time to re-organise something but this time with a bit more of plan, although remaining flexible.