How do we encourage parties to work together effectively?

Here is a question that is a bit more open ended than the other questions to get people thinking about.

How to encourage interparty political party cooperation?

Recently there is a growing share of power for 3rd parties. But often in politics, the optimal solutions for a party to maintain power/grow/survive is to find ways to fight other parties and reduce voter confidence in the other party.

Is this inevitable? Or do we have a way to culturally or structurally encourage a more collaborative and cooperative policy making between parties?

Does this involve ensuring that every party meeting between each party have a representative from another party?

Or does it mean providing shared policy discussion?


Anyway here is my usual plug of Designing Open Democracy, that aims to encourage such discussion.

Sadly, politics is becoming more partisan rather than less.
The move to minor parties, and no longer just as protest votes, is a reflection of this more than it is a measure of minor parties actually being more effective.
I think it’s an effect of a growing cultural separation, driven in large part by a media landscape that is reduced to click bait and sensation, because big media is dying and they can’t afford anything more significant and we’ve inserted shitty show-me-more-of-what-I-liked-rather-than-challenge-me social media into the resultant vacuum.

I really don’t think it’s a lack of democratic process…