How To: Avoiding censorship

With the passage of the online infringement bill, I thought it would be time to work on another how-to guide. This time a how to beat censorship and site-blocking.

I started a pad up here:

There is an outline and stuff pasted in from the data retention how-to. If you wish to comment or write extra points put them above the draft.

Get stuck in as you can.


This is really not working for me through the proxy at work. Got a few additions in mind so I’ll get some in tonight.

I’ve added a small section on I2P which should probably be included too.

I mentioned on the pad that perhaps we should consider making a separate ‘VPN guide’, probably better to try and talk about it here than in the doc :wink:

VPN’s are one of the core technologies users might consider for multiple reasons, geoblocking, avoiding censorship, and also for privacy.

IMO it would be more structured if there was a separate guide for Australian VPN users, it could be updated over time, and referred to by other documents.