I want to help implement Stripe Payments for donations

I noticed we are having / had some paypal issues and I remembered all the trendy kids these days use Stripe to process their payments.

I can have a look at implementing that if I could have a look at the code for the website, which due to being a bit new, I can’t find.

I also know Python (and C) and some web development stuff which is probably handy to mention.

Could someone point me at the code?

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Oh hey!

The code was never fully finished (as most ambitious projects never are in a volunteer setting), so it can look a bit confusing from the outside.

https://github.com/bbqsrc/mutiny-forms is the repo for the join form. It was meant to hold all kinds of form-related stuff, but in the end it only ended up being the join form.

I’m Brendan on our IRC, so if you have any questions and want to hit me for having shit code, join #ppau-pwg (Programming Team channel) and I can walk you through the entire mess.

I idle a lot on IRC but my logs are broken so I never read it :smile:, Like everywhere my nick on IRC is Melody.

I’ll familairise myself with it and have a go at implementing stripe. I am just a dumb uni student so no guarantees here.

We all started as dumb university students. I’m still one, technically speaking.

As long as you want to take a crack at implementing it, I’m happy to walk you through literally every part of it short of writing the code myself. :smile: