"If an algorithm can help send someone to jail, shouldn't we check that it actually works?"

The heading has been taken from this tweet.

The linked article is paywalled 4 paragraphs in, cutting off at the mention/hyperlinking of an application called “COMPAS Classification” that the article is talking about the nature of (the article cuts off half of the name, but google helped get around that).

This application advertises the following:

Obviously this is quite central to the American legal/prison system, but would such a thing hold any benefit to our own?

There would also be the matter of what the article insinuates, which makes me then put this application in the same category as the infamous “Turnitin” which for one of the reasons it’s controversial is due to its closed-source nature.

Automated judge, jury & executioner? Just what Centrelink wants for a RoboDebt upgrade, stat!

You just know funds will be available for this. Security theatre buys right-wing votes wholesale.

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