“In Defense of Universal Resource Inheritance”

What do some of our more economics theoretical folks think of this ?

Universal wealth inheritance is being promoted as a concept by Dan Larimer, the creator of EOS.

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It looks like he has thought it through quite well, and this position should be part of the discussion. The critical pat always will be to maintain a UBI that people can live on, and to derive the right level of taxation to fund the UBI, without taxing the people who can’t afford it, and without dis-incentivising economic activity. I also like the idea of keeping hte government at arms length regarding UBI, the funding thereof, and any other tax collection linked to centralised service provision.


and without dis-incentivising economic activity.

For this reason, and others, optimally, it should be funded purely by the excess from LVT after core services are paid for.

But I realise we’re not in an optimal world.


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