Inadvertently confirmed: Julian Assange charged under seal. Press Freedom at risk worldwide

(Alex Jago) #21

(Laura) #22

I’ve gotta say, I’m a little proud of us.

(Steven) #23

Brave :slight_smile:

(John Wilson) #24

Good work Alex.

I have posted on FB and will get an email out soon.

Events are unfolding and I suggest that we stand watch & be on guard for a follow up.

(Solo Recluse) #25

Why is this guy still languishing?

DNS over TLS is here for a billion devices.

That constitutes responsible change en masse.

The foundation is now in place for a fourth successor to Silicon Valley, what one may call Cottage Industry Valley that should now be in a good place to land the 30 Trillion in socially responsible money that’s scheduled to land this decade.

Lastly the creation of artificial egos in these mainframes that pretend to take random offence is not legal.

Please. Thank you.

(Joe Fury) #26

I hear you brother, its a bad sittuation and things are getting worse, but that usually means that things can only get better from here.
Remember “always look on the bright side of life”

(Steven) #27

@LMK What a time to be alive

(John Wilson) #28

Go Roger.

A great ambassador

(Laura) #29

On Contact: Crucifying Julian Assange
Chris Hedges interviews Joe Lauria

(John August) #30

Tommorow’s show : I’ll be reciting this media release, amongst other material. See the other thread.

(Laura) #31

Stefania Maurizi writes of her visit to Assange as a first visitor after his many months of isolation.

(Laura) #32

Assange’s personal Twitter account, AssangeDefence (previously JulianAssange), which has been taken over by his legal team since ~March/April, has been gagged by Twitter since last Friday.