Indie(?) musician's content allegedly stolen by media company

Apologies if the topic seems a little misleading at all. It’s the most accurate I could think of in such a short summary.

This guy looks like an Indie musician based in Norway, and, judging by the info on his facebook page, is self-published/produced.

This post is him accusing UMG of stealing his content on a 2nd time.

He has said he has reported his own content on Youtube as violation of his copyright (the versions reported to be tagged copyright by UMG). In the meantime, UMG has also reportedly counter-claimed that it’s theirs. The full story of their use of his material is in his wall post.

Ultimately, he said he feels powerless to do anything, mainly concerned of not having the thousands of dollars he’s expected to have to take them to court. Many people have made comment suggesting to him to start a “gofundme” campaign and the like. Whether he does or not, he’s not noted anything.

Thoughts on this?

Seems like a very bully-ish tactic for a media company to fight piracy, but seem willing to commit the true act of piracy. This could fall to the well known irony of the anti-piracy ad on movie disc media that we’re all very fond of that had committed piracy itself by using unauthorised backing music.

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