Interesting keynote "I, Simulation" presented by Aral Balkan ( founder)


Pretty great keynote discussing the true cost (privacy, loss of data sovereignity, etc) of “free” services such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. Quite probably preaching to the choir here, but I found it interesting nonetheless. is the organisation behind the serverless, FOSS dropbox alternative Pulse (previously known as Syncthing), and are working on a distributed, FOSS, privacy-preserving social network called Heartbeat, built atop Pulse.

More ambitiously, they’re aiming to create an open, privacy-preserving smartphone, something rather overdue, particularly considering the current expansion of surveillance regimes.They’re running a crowdfunding campaign at the moment, for anyone who’s interested. Interestingly, they’re supposedly transitioning to a company limited by guarantee, to ensure they remain independent of venture capital influence.