Isegoria: The Way Citizens' Juries Deliver It, How Elections Destroy It (Nicholas Gruen: CEO of Lateral Economics) (Designing Open Democracy)

Hey all pirates, I have a new concept to introduce to everyone here. It’s about Citizen Juries.

I’ve recently got in touch with a prominent Australian economist named Nicholas Gruen, CEO of Lateral Economics. As frequent commentator on economic reform as well as innovation, he will be joining us for this episode to explore the concept of Citizens’ Juries and how it could be implemented in Australia and other countries.

You can find our latest episode on any podcast app or if you got apple podcast, you can use the link below.

else if you got an hour to kill right now, you can listen here right now with this embedded player that should pop up below:

Anyway, I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on this concept and if it’s something that would interest anyone in this community.

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