iSideWith - community sourced voter profiling and outreach

A friend just linked me this website. It functions as an informal political profiler by having users answers a quiz with questions based off popular political issues. The questions are crowd sourced based on website users, and so are the answers (although there are mechanisms for official party representatives to provide their “official” answers). There’s also a

I’ve just spent half an hour suggesting answers to some of the questions based off the Platform page on the wiki but I think we would benefit by having someone from the National Council actually get in contact to ensure the proper Pirate approved answers get put forward (also my suggestions alone probably don’t carry much weight).

Having Frew’s head pop up if you vote pirate would be pretty funny too :smiley:

Edit: Once you do the quiz and login there is a heat map overlaid over Australian electoral regions showing which areas support your views. With my 94% Greens quiz result there was unfortunately more blue than I was hoping but the sample size is also not huge (a bit less than 500k Australians have done the quiz).


I just took this fully expecting to see the pirate party. It’s not listed when people take the test.

Welcome Mark.

Odd. We’re listed to some extent at least:

sort of

Probably why we’re not coming up much.

Todo: add some more responses. I’ll look into it next week.

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