Julian Assange: The Debate at Frontline Club on Tuesday 2nd July, 7.30pm

Chaired by Robin Lustig with speakers Alan Rusbridger, David Aaronovitch, Jodie Ginsberg, Vaughan Smith and Jen Robinson.


Are we comfortable with the precedent where a foreign country could seek the extradition of a British journalist - Julian is obviously Australian - but the precedent being set is that a British journalist could be sought for extradition in Saudi Arabia, or Russia, or China for having published the secrets of that State, no matter what the public interest involved. That is a terrifying precedent that we must stand against.

This part starting 1:22:44 is very important. Why Wikileaks published the unredacted cables.

Because David Leigh of the Guardian published the password to the Cablegate file in his book. The information was circulating online for 48 hours online before Wikileaks published it!