Legalise LSD


I agree in principle, but logistically there are more safeguards needed to avoid negative interactions with a substance lacking academic research and less education around it (because it’s illegal) and alcohol/tobacco which can be safely sold with just a little bit of training.

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Pro-tip. Everything before a “but” is a lie. Try replacing “but” with “and” or a “full-stop”.

There is less known about illegal drugs because they are, illegal? I reject your claim.

Checkout training is all the training needed. Should that be changed?

How about all recreational non-addictive substances (party drugs) be sold and regulated at the same levels. Keep it simple. Imagine, a tab of LSD next to the paracetamol, or the coffee. Anything addictive (like Codeine, atm) needs a chemists oversight. That’ll fix any booze and tobacco problem real quick. Still available and (but) regulated and sold appropriately.

What about home brewers? My Apple Cider kicks arse and blows bottles! I’m not giving that up.

Prohibition does not work. I think the next logical step would be to give party drugs the same regulations as beer or a pack of smokes. And, grow your own? Have at it.


Alcohol and Tobacco can be addictive, particularly Tobacco.

Training is needed to check IDs and Responsible Serving of Alcohol certificates.

Ideally I would like to see it side by side with other drugs.

Transitional measures also need to be considered until public education about being responsible matches that of A+T.

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Didn’t we have an actual paramedic come to the podium in that policy meeting? I don’t think they were even a party member - just someone who happened to be in the vicinity who overheard our drug policy discussion.

The drug policy as it stands is a bit soft. It calls for restudying things that have been studied to death already and it doesn’t provide a clear marker for how Pirates would vote on drug legalisation in a parliament. I wouldn’t mind revisiting it.

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A good friend of mine just went to a psychedelics symposium in Melbourne. It covered a lot of the issues around their use as medicines and traditional use of psychedelics in Indigenous communities. I discussed this thread with him and he pointed me to this article about Greg Kasarik who has campaigned to legalise LSD in Victoria under their human rights legislation by claiming it is part of his spiritual practice.

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Update on drug legalisation

The greens is pushing for “establishment of an Australian Cannabis Agency that would be given a monopoly over the wholesale supply of the drug to shops, while collecting millions of dollars in a tobacco-style tax from consumers.”

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yeah its better to get the best mmj which has health benefits and offers satisfaction.

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Wasn’t there before.

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… bastards


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Found another copy. Legit too.


Highly questionable, this bit. Should regulate but not monopolise.

Any push to get these drugs legalised is good though.

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Why a monopoly? Our policy (5 or 6 years old now) goes much further and doesn’t require creating a monopoly.