Mailing list subscription on the join form

Our mailing lists, specifically announcement lists, are quite underutilised. New members aren’t always aware of them because they’re pretty much buried in a navbar menu and not really mentioned. This wouldn’t be a problem except we rely on that announcement list for general party things unless something is serious enough to require a mailout based on the membership DB.

Task: Add checkbox subscription options to the join form or make users aware of them in the followup email.

Status: Not started, obviously the easy option here is just to throw a link in the email template but bundling the whole thing together would look so much nicer.

If this hasn’t been started then it could be something to talk about in the next meeting maybe?

Yeah… IMO everyone should be added to the party announce list and the relevant state announce list by default. They’re not high traffic, but as you say we do actually need a means of communicating important things to all members. Other lists (e.g.: discuss) should be opt-in with an obvious checkbox.