Melbourne: electioneering

Melbourne Pirates: this thread is get gather thoughts and plans wrt talking to people about voting Pirate.

Booths, venues, groups, events and media outlets that we should be getting in front of.

I am already going to talk to the Melbourne PC Users Group

The weekend before the election I will be attending the Community Cup

  • 3RRR - maybe Byte Into It, but we can probably get on the Breakfasters or the science show.
  • 3PBS?
  • Data Science Melbourne
  • Cryptohack Melbourne
  • Local Papers
  • Local Maker Spaces and Hack spaces.

Finally: Booths. I don’t know exact booths, but I think Melbourne Town Hall, Richmond, Carlton, Brunswick, Coburg, Preston, South Yarra and St Kilda will have high yield booths - lots of young hipsters looking for non ALP options. Yarraville and Seddon are maybe options too. Interested to hear what people think.

Should we go for non tech groups?

  • Refugee groups
  • Welcome dinners?
  • University/Tafe Campuses
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Go for it, extending beyond the tech circles is always good and can pay off in unexpected ways. We received some good feedback last time when speaking at an Amnesty/Asylum Seekers event at Federation Square the week before the last election (well, Joe did the speaking, I was chatting with the people at the Amnesty booth).

The tech stuff is high on our agenda because of the way the party started, but as with our expanding policy set, anything which can be drawn back to the Bill of Rights policy is fair game. As it happens, there is a great deal which can be drawn back to that policy.


@datakid23, here’s with all the prog-left parties:

This took Excel a damn long time to calculate, so hopefully I can discover a more efficient algorithm.

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Thankyou @alexjago appreciate it.

Hey, I just downloaded the csv to check it out. Unless something has gone wrong, rows 15-1397 have the same numbers for every party? That is too much a coincidence…was there an accidental fill down?


They’re meant to be different, you’re right.

Excel on my machine isn’t very good about updating rows properly for complex queries

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Asylum Seeker Resource Centre gets pretty political. You might want to contact them. @ASRC1 on Twitter. Their website is down at the moment.

My house is about 500 mts from the ASRC. I’ll drop some flyers in.

Round 2 (in which Alex learned the marvels of Pivot Tables):


That’s pretty awesome. We seem to do relatively well in pre-polling.

I guess we should target the areas with the highest number of votes cast and the lowest Pirate Party proportion.

Or maybe just focus on the highest number of votes cast, independent of Pirate Party votes, as even a relatively high Pirate Party vote leaves a lot of room for improvement, and it might signify a receptive audience.

Personally, I recommend just going by total population at a booth. Grow the pie.

colours are flipped around on this one, sorrynotsorry

Oh, and in any event some booths have changed since 2013.

Pre-poll specific booths are here:

Note that a lot of booths are missing lat/long data so are all in the African bight.

Welcome to pivots. They are pretty amazing, hey :slight_smile: I’m playing with the numbers now - % of booths for pirates etc. Thanks