Melbourne Meet and Greet

We are getting very close to an election and I would like to physically meet with members of the Pirate Party, especially if I end up working with some of them handing out how-to-vote cards or the like.

KereKere Cafe in Fitzroy Gardens is environmentally friendly and into social justice. They also make the best damn chai anywhere. Would people like to get together there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon?

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I would be okay with this.
I have never been to any political events before though I’m looking to become more active

Hi Katherine, I think that would be great. Lets do it.


Did this ever happen?

No, it didn’t. The numbers were so small and it would really only work if some party members turned up. I am happy and keen to try this again.

As am I - I’m a party member, but generally inactive.

Something tells me - if a meet is organised, many will come.

Okay, let’s meet 2pm Sunday 24 April at KereKere Cafe, Fitzroy Gardens, 230 Wellington Parade, Melbourne at the Visitors Centre next to Cook’s Cottage!

I’m in with my wife too

Excellent! My partner says he will be turning up as well. If worse comes to worse, we can play Bridge (though, I’m more of a D&D person)!