Metadata Retention: Undermining the relationship between government and its people

Hi all, i just joined a few days ago, from the ALP, ive been trying to articluate why i had to quit; the details on this law touch on the following topics;

  • Right to Privacy
  • Freedom of speech
  • Presumption of Innocence
  • User pays (for ineffectual) security
    But none of those points really describe why i have such a problem with it, for me its the bigger picture, it underminess the relationship between government and its people.
    It was written by me, with team australia stuff added by a friend. Happy to take suggestions on how it could be corrected or improved, or how it might be usful to PP.

I was taught teamwork by the best, I learnt that teamwork is based on trust. You need to be able to trust your team mates, and know that they trust you. Knowing that your mates can and will get their job done means you can completely focus on doing yours.
The team makes us more efficient. When individuals use their strength to cover each others weakness the sum becomes greater than the parts, this concept of co-operating through specialisation is the foundation of society.
There is both social and economic value in knowing who to trust, and who not to trust, but it isnt without
risks. misplaced trust can undo the benefits of even the most efficient teams. It would take a fool to trust everyone, or no one. Trust is grey, it is a complex dynamic web that reflects on everyone we know, and that know us. It is emergent. It is the essence of a sentient mind. It is not something that can be understood by a computer, and yet they try…
They try to simulate this web of trust with metadata gathered from our digital lives, documenting and analysing who we know, how we know them, and the strength of the relationship. It is used to classify us, to build a profile of who we are without any human judgment ever being made.
Where we shop, what we buy, when we buy it, who we talk to, when we talk to them, GPS coordinates of our movement; analysed and simulated so our government can decide if they should trust us, to decide if we belong on their team – Team Australia.
They forget we are a nation and that all Australians are already part of that national team. It’s up to them to choose to be on our team, or withdraw into isolation. So far, all I can see is them disappearing into their bunker, with our data under their arms.