Minds is it Evil?

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Where does ‘evil’ come into it?

Posting a link with no context won’t get much attention. Why did you post this link?

edit: … and not post this one https://www.minds.com/

You will find Good and Evil come into everything.

Posting a link with no context I just use a mouse and left click on my post and I get content.
Why did you post this link? because I was interested to know if any one had a view or information related to the topic.

wow. “Context”, not “Content”. Those pesky details.

I also note you still haven’t bothered to learn the sites quote feature yet.

See “Context” above. You could have said that in your original post. Perhaps a bit of background for the watchers.

During the Election Committee meeting yesterday @Cizin suggested we create a Party page at minds.com. @alexjago said it was a good idea and asked me to have a look. I did and I didn’t like it because “… meh. earn tokens for contributions. Not for me.” I think we have enough on our plate without a new twitbook account.

Not trying to load you up with extra work, I was hoping to see if any of our younger members had any experience or opinion , thought it might get some new faces onto the forum, seems to me that the old hands are having to carry most of the load. re context, my thinking was if they new anything about the topic they wouldn’t need a lot of content. Open ended questions is an old interview method, often you get information you hadn’t thought to ask for, but in this case it appears no one out there knows much, or theres no one out there, other than the usual suspects

What can I say, Just messing with You.

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Again, you could have said that in your original post. Consider this me trying to help improve your communication and media skills, bearing in mind that you are now an anointed PPAU candidate, and an NC member.

what? Do you want others to engage with this topic? Perhaps explain why PPAU might benefit from from having a “page” on minds.com. I’d start there.

And useless when not asked. What do you want to achieve with this topic?

My bold. I’m not going anywhere.


Prove it. After you define “good” and “evil”.

edit: I really don’t care. this smells like superstitious bullshit. we’re Pirates and expect evidence for claims. otherwise … canon fodder.

I don’t want any hostility to grow, but taking away the emotions, I agree with Twisty.

If you’re going to make posts, there needs to be some “meat” in them, a structure, a reason why it is relevant to Pirate Party Australia.

If it is an article on computer security, or something that directly bears on our policies, that can maybe go without comment. But, most of the time, we really do want some justification linking the relevance to PPA.

Even if I posted such an article, I expect I’d put a sentence in “this bears on our policy in the area blah-blah-blah, which curently states or emphasises x-y-z.”

Earning tokens for contributions … In fact, I think that is a different approach to encourage engagement, as compared to FB which tried to diddle the addictive part of our brains. More ethical, IMO.

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Im thinking I should have posted it as a Poll

  1. Yes

  2. No.

3.I don’t know anything about Minds

I was just a simple question,

Its purpose was give me an idea of how many rank and file members use the forum, hence
the provocative title to attract a response. Looking at the forums views (lets say100) V replies (5) might suggest it is not a platform to get the voters on their feet and applauding,

but more for

Maybe there is a more apporate space (other than face book) I could use to engauge with the ordanery members.? A news letter or ?

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  1. I don’t know anything about Minds.

But I like the idea of users being paid for their contributions.

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