Mini Recuitment Drive!


The Reddit threads may be getting censored because of this rule:


Political discussions get interesting on OCAU. It’ll be a tough crowd.


… Save Me …

/r/australia reddit: once every 8 days is not spam and not even as much as a heads up or response to modmail is poor form. considering how much influence they have, I expected better.


The rule I quoted was from /r/AustralianPolitics

This one in /r/Australia is what they could be using there too:

They seem to be suggesting one can’t just go promoting business willy-nilly.

Given Reddit has had some history of alleged mod/admin bias, I’d perhaps not bother continuing this avenue, also given the ridicule from the crowd edeity brewed up when he linked to a Pepe meme used by us.


Each subreddit is run independently (eg: /r/abc or /r/xyz), high level Admin abuse wouldn’t weigh into it. No problem from /r/AustralianPolitics it is /r/australia who are being difficult. But /r/australia is much more popular. Reddit is a powerful medium. Edeity despite thinking he is a “meme master” misjudged it before posting (pepe is more of a 4chan thing) and his online persona on reddit was toxic anyway.


Probably too early to call, but there’s been no further activity on OCAU since your reply at 3pm yesterday, so I’m not surprised it hasn’t gained much traction.

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #27


Thanks all! we exceeded our targets and Tom got everything sent off to the AEC today. Fingers crossed!

Feel free to spread the word about us at any time!