Mini Recuitment Drive!

Mini Recuitment Drive!

Hello everyone,

We would like to get some more active members onboard and we are only a little bit short of our target in the lead up to the AEC audit looming in a couple weeks. The more active/recent members, the better our chances are of passing.

We would appreciate if you could make a personal appeal to any close friends & family who might be interested in our cause to see if they are interested in joining.

Membership is pay what you want, including $0.00.

Join link is:

If you are active on any Social Media, Forum, Blogs, etc. a personal shoutout about us would be appreciated too!

Discussion Topic


Posted to OzBargain:

OzBargain is getting a lot of interest, especially on UBI! I need reinforcents to help explain everything! lol

Requires OzB login to view. 403 error when viewed by public.

A mod moved it. Hopefully it will reach the front page if there is enough discussion

OzBargain discussion seems to have dried up, unless anyone here wants to post some more content into it

Round 2: Reddit /r/australia …

Seems to be an issue with the reddit automod, stay tuned, I contacted the mods

Whirlpool (you can only access if you have high “aura”)

That’s really not going to work at all for what we want to do. What’s their justification?

they only allow politics and other sensitive topics in one section, only those who are have had their posts/profiles ranked as good contributors. There are a lot of nasty people on WP in the regular sections who aren’t capable of respectful discussion,

Not much interest on WP anyway except a few pirate jokes, we can focus on their more public sections by posting newsworthy topics when we her upto that in strategy.

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@CAPT_Irrelevant I was about to post something to OCAU and then I noticed your post to that guy who wants to start “his own” political party even though his ideas are almost the same as us and he doesn’t want to be the one to actually run it, but he won’t join us because he doesn’t like our name.

You have a lot of posts over there so I think you’d be most qualified to post a topic for us :smile:

Well whirlpool discussion has picked up, also in the direction of UBI

Yeah that thread was kinda a waste of time. My 2nd and last post (and also THE last) in that thread is a month old, and the OP never came back. He tried giving the impression he’s serious about it, but given his reaction, I think he’s not, especially since he’s contradicting himself.

@CAPT_Irrelevant So do you want to make that OCAU post or shall I?

Go for it.


I’ll post something up on OCAU and reddit tomorrow

Also, you guys are AWESOME! The members are flowing in from all states (almost reached our targets!) and I don’t think that it could be down to a few social media posts either. Everyone is doing their bit to tell their family and friends, keep up the good work! we are almost there

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Reddit /r/australia keeps removing without reason and won’t respond to Mod Mail which is really disappointing, so I have given up on there and posted here instead: