Monthly General Meeting - 26 May, 2015 8pm AEST

This is the agenda thread for the General Meeting of 26th May 2015 (8pm AEST) held in #ppau on our IRC server:

The purpose of the General Meeting is to give all members the ability to communicate issues directly with the National Council and other members, and raise motions for consideration.

Please reply with any topics you wish to discuss, motions you wish to have considered, or anything else you think worthy of consideration at the General Meeting.

Current agenda:

  • AEC Audit
  • National Congress
  • Stripe Donations / Payments (Melody)

This is occurring at 8pm AEST. I’ll edit the topic to make that clear.

Hi, I am Mel and I am working (painfully slowly) on Stripe Donations / Payments for us.

I’ll talk about it.

Thanks Mel. Have added it to agenda :slight_smile: