Monthly General Meeting (28 April 2015)

This is the agenda thread for the General Meeting of 28th April 2015, held in #ppau on our IRC server:

The purpose of the General Meeting is to give all members the ability to communicate issues directly with the National Council and other members, and raise motions for consideration.

Please reply with any topics you wish to discuss, motions you wish to have considered, or anything else you think worthy of consideration at the General Meeting.

Current agenda:

  • Data Retention Campaign
  • AEC Audit
  • State Party Registration plans
  • Course of Action should an early election be called (doggie015)
  • Add any topics you wish to discuss at this meeting as a reply below and it will be added to the agenda

I would like to add a discussion of a course of action should an early election be called at some point during the next year or so


How long does a typical meeting go for?

Can vary a great deal based on how much there is to cover etc… average half an hour to an hour maybe?