Monthly Newsletter

At National Congress it was talked about ways to re-engage with our largely inactive member base.

I suggested that we put together a Monthly News Letter to get back in touch with these people, and I put my hand up to work on this right then.

The Party always seems to be a hive of activity whenever an election has been called. We need to move past that and become a hive of activity all year round. A member newsletter is the best to to target Australians who have been directly interested in being part of our party at one point or another.

We accept that a lot of these people probably signed up to be a member a very long time ago and might not even support us anymore, and this might cause some resignations.

This is something which we have to accept, we can not rely on these members just to artificially inflate our member numbers. This ended up causing problems with our National Congress because the number of members who actually voted was so dismal we didn’t even have the numbers to pass any constitutional amendments. Also we have an AEC audit coming up who could spot check our member base to make sure they are members. Some people may have forgotten.

Also at some point (very soon) we will have to let non-renewed memberships expire (part of MemberDB project). This is a last ditch effort to re-engage them to make them want to renew.

As far as how the whole newsletter should look… discuss away!

One section I’d like to put in is just a Summary of “Current Happenings” within the party to keep all members in the loop.

An example of this would be to state all the Policy Working Groups which we have just put together (so far) and call to action anyone who is interested in these to participate.