MPAA are upset with Australia over circumvention of geoblocking



After all these years, it’s evident MPAA and studios aren’t listening.

(Tim Challis) #3

Fair enough that the MPAA is upset. The Australian public are also upset at their unreasonable attitudes and prejudices.

This is what they call in chess a “stalemate”. There is no reason at all for Australia to be the party to have to cave in in a stand-off like this; just because we have every other time!

(Ben McGinnes) #4

Not to mention that the MPAA and RIAA business model regarding Australia would, if pursued within the United States, result in those organisations and the companies that comprise them being charged as part of a RICO case (most likely with extortion and racketeering).

(Tim Challis) #5

With respect to the U.S. attitude the whole concept of geo-allocation is an abuse of a technological standard and ought to be stamped upon from a great height for that issue alone. The Internet ought to be by design political border agnostic.

Sincere apologies if this is a diversion from the aim of the original post. Nonetheless I believe it should be stated somewhere if we even pretend to be the tech-savvy party.