My Radio Show - streaming out of sydney, and some podcasts

(John August) #1

I’ve announced it here before ( April 2016), but in discussion with @AndrewDowning and @MarkG , thought I would let people know of my community radio program, which I broadcast on Tuesdays from noon-2pm from Marrickville in Sydney on radio 2RSR, 88.9FM and also streaming on and . I’ll make another post following this one about tomorrow’s program.

But there’s some past programs on the internet, including some discussion with MarkG on prosperity : and a whole show, including Terry Dwyer on some aspects of land value taxation ( watch out for his “Just a lump sum capitalisation” - uggh - something I should have questioned him about ) :

I’ve had other discussions with MarkG I may release at some stage.

And you can find more public material with a search on soundcloud :

Here’s some past privately podcasted material :

Testimony from the 1870s


Kerosene Fridges

Evolution and status

The pope, etc. etc.

Natural gas exports and gas behaviour

Political debate

Judgemental artists

Abortion and the then nsw legislation


Guest : Nicco on the party that started the NSW Council for Civil Liberties

Exploding meteors

Little molecules


Spoken word : the bunyip king by Dorothy Hewitt

Spoken word : Abbot - we’ll all be rooned

Tim Josling, pedophilia and the church

Tim Josling and voluntary euthanasia

(John August) #2

On my show tomorrow - I’ll have James Murray on Bitcoin, Black Rock’s Alladin - the crystal ball gazing tool noted in Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation and the nature of money and the banks.

That’s noon-2pm tomorrow on 2RSR, 88.9FM and streaming as per the most recent post.

James Murray is an economist, previously employed by some high end banks, with a long involvement in financial activism including Georgist principles, and was kind enough to help me hand out material in support of my local government candidacy.

Bonnie Curtis on her Sydney Fringe Dance project - “Girls Girls Girls”.

I hope to fit in various segments - spoken word, location, maxim

(John August) #3

Tomorrow - I’ll be talking about UBI, in the shadow of the Greens initiative. Also I’ll be interviewing Professor Ian Frazer, and a few other things besides. Anyway, my show is always worth listening to ( of course ), but here’s my sporadic pointer to its content.

(miles_w) #4

What does everyone think about linking some of the episodes on the front page? @national_council ?

It will freshen things up a bit, and although it’s not officially endorsed we could pick specific episodes that talk about things on our platform.

(Joe Fury) #5

(Andrew Downing) #6

Yeah, Mark wrote most of our economic policies, except the recent Job Guarantee stuff.

I think he’s spot on. Rent seeking business models are a blight on the entire economic landscape.

(John August) #7

I’ve had some discussions with @Kate_Bowman and @SaraJoyce and thought I’d post some links to my past material which includes material relevant to at least discussions we’ve had, and perhaps even stuff that is of general PPA interest.

( @twisty, @Cizin, @miles_w maybe of interest )

First, links to past podcasts : you’ll find them at the top of this post. But, also, you can search at : ; you can find stuff on copyright, economics and so forth, as well as stuff generally.

On my own website, there’s an article which considers some of the language used in criticism of Julia Gillard, amongst several other topics :

An article on boycotts, has some bearing on the stuff about projecting on the opera house sails, where the racecourse does not have to worry about people being pissed off with them, like the small restaurant, but the government is more like the big business :

An article, notionally on Turnbull and Abbott, but also one which talks about Lleyonheljm and the Wicked campers, the idea of ideology driving priorities, Abbott teaching the Australian people to hate whoever was in power ( like germ warfare ), and the idea of a “balance” in voters heads, where they could see the point in business, but saw that Howard was going “too far” with work choices, and were willing to give a government some slack but not entirely buy into their ideology. That also includes double standards about free speech, which I also comment on :

Then, there’s one on intellectual property :

… And many more, but that will do for the present :slight_smile: