National Acceptance By States and Territories Of a Universal OH&S "green card"

I would like to see a NATIONALY accepted OH&S construction card, where, as I have one from NSW, why cannot I use this for Queensland or any other state ?
WHY, does one HAVE to pay more money, spend more time, in obtaining a certification to work in the construction industry of each different state and territory .?
Is NSW better than Qnslnd or WA etc ?
one card for ALL Australian states and Territories. will also make it easier for those looking for work outside of where they now live, and it makes so much more sense to NATIONALY rationalise such a card too.

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Welcome to Federation, where individual states have the power to do certain things differently… and usually do.

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yes you are right there Alex, all the TAILS wagging the dog, it’s all about states n terrytorrys scrounging money from those that can least afford to. look at the add campaign for give 5, why isn’t the state government doing it’s job ?,why is it that state schools need to ask for a lot more money from the public ?. oh that’s right, they cannot give money to schools and hospitals because we public still have to fund the likes of carr and greiner type ex politicians, blood sucking vermin the lot of them.

Yeah, with the harmonisation (not yet complete but in progress) of OH&S legislation between the states this ought to be possible, but the certifying bodies aren’t interested because they make money out of certifying people.

You see exactly the same sort of thing (for exactly the same reasons) with things like sparky licenses, we have a Federally mandated set of wiring rules but if you’re a certified sparky in one state (as I understand it anyway, been a while since I looked into it) you still have to go through a “bridging” certification to legally operate in other states, in spite of the overarching rules being the same.