New interview: Dr. Vandana Shiva and Sue Chiblow on resisting Roundup ecocide & poverty, building seed sovereignty

So inspiring! Listen to these heroines:


We’ve created community seed banks. Just by saving the seed, we find that if you do agriculture in nature’s ways, rather than as war against the earth, we’re producing more food. Farmers are doing better. The answer to hunger, poverty, climate change, I have watched in my 30 years of following the seed. And the seed gives me hope, because when Monsanto … said that “every farmer will have to buy seed from us every season”, and that’s where their profits would be, because patenting would have made it illegal for farmers to save seed.



Good work.

Chiblow, Anishinabe qwe:

The four or three companies have been allowed to [apply aerial] spray - the government has given them permission for years and years, and all they’re developing is plantations. And so the animals are coming into our communities now because they have nothing to eat. People are becoming worried that the animals are gonna attack children. It’s the colonial arrogance: that they think they can control something. And ultimately at the end of the day, they just want more money, so they plant certain specific trees, and they use (agro?)phosphate to kill everything else that’s coming up.

It’s an attack on the whole ecosystem. … The berries aren’t growing the way they’re supposed to. … The moose are having miscarriages. … It’s causing behavioural problems: the wolves aren’t acting the way they normally act in a pack in a family unit. They’re straying off from one another, they’re not scared of humans anymore - before, they used to be very timid and shy, now they’ll actually watch you and watch where you’re going. … It’s impacting our food systems … our way of life. … This is just another way that they’re trying to actually get rid of us [indigenous peoples] and our knowledge.

The government should listen to the people and not corporations for starters. … It’s not just an indigenous or our problem, it’s everybody’s problem. … You mentioned democracy. We don’t rule by democracy. We rule by unity, on basis of consensus and in democracy society right now, we can vote on something, and (if you?) and I do not agree on it, we never have an opportunity to dialogue and figure out what the differences are and how we do move forward. So I am not a fan of democracy. … Money is not going to bring back what’s gone. We can’t eat money, we can’t drink money. Once the lands and the earth is poisoned, it takes so long for it to heal itself, so, we can go into a court system and the lawyers are gonna get rich but really at the end of the day: what are our people getting from it? And, is the money gonna be able to bring back the bush? Not at all.