New T-shirt order

Hi everyone!

We expect to need to do a new t-shirt order what with all the fundraising we’ll need to do over the next few months (we need to raise at least 10K for this election campaign, really more like 20K).

I’d like to invite comments from the broader party.

Here are our previous designs:

(light and dark versions of cameraman and coat of arms)

There’s also a tapebones shirt which I can’t seem to find a front/back design for, just a photo:

I would prefer the first simplet design or the coiat of arms. The others can be misinterpretede and I think simpler is better.


The platform now includes broader areas of concern aside from digital surveilance
I suggest design 1 with a logo, maybe a big one on the back and a smaller pocket logo on the front. Ballot papers will show logo and name shirts should match … good branding

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