Newcastle Meeting

I’d like to get a meetup going in the Newcastle area. Please express interest.


We used to catch up at Suspension (Coffee shop run by hippies totally happy with #antisec and #anonymous graffiti) on Beaumont Street in Hamilton with large tables good for meetings.

We stopped due to low interest/attendance, however I’d be happy to start that up again if we get enough interest.

I know Suspension. I could get there Tuesdays at 10am. Does this suit? Is anyone else interested?

Oh good! Something has happened in my absence. Whats the go people?

How about 10am Thursdays? At Suspension? Does this suit people?

I work, so it doesn’t work so well for me. Fridays are usually good as are the weekends. What about for you guys?

I can do 10am Friday, but will have my toddler with me.

I live and work in Maitland, so during the day Mon-Fri is out for me, Saturday lunch was a good time before.

Sorry about the delayed reply.