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I don’t understand why you post these videos. As the party’s Deputy Treasurer are you endorsing Tucker Carlson’s view that the problem is how much money women make or are you posting this video to highlight the vacuous stupidity it exhibits?

What is your point?


"I don’t understand why you post these videos."

It appears to me there is a lot you don’t understand.

"how much money women make"

"vacuous stupidity it exhibits?"

"What is your point?"

Well, I didn’t do it thinking that you, would feel so threatened by it, that you would reacted the way you have.

But, if your post helps you release some of that pent-up anger and frustration you have, then I’m glad I could help.

@Cizin, Joe, you are a member of the NC and the pre-selected PPAU candidate for Robertson and I expect a better response from you. Rather than riducile via passive-agresive replies, try answering the question.

ps. please, learn to use the forum “quote” function. Simply highlight the text you want to quote and select “quote”.

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Yeah, that’s a very strange response.

You post a video of Tucker Carlson and just leave it there, with no comment. You are a rep of the Pirate Party, are you, and by extension the PPAU, endorsing the content of the video or are you wishing to highlight what you, and by extension the PPAU, dislike about the content of the video?

This is such an unreasonable request that you are left with no option but to respond with personal attack? Are you fucking serious?

Hang on, you are an adult, right?

Are you fucking serious? Hang on, you are an adult, right?"


In life, what you expect is not always what you get.

I thought you would have realised that, by now.

This habit you have of trying to enforce your views on others, its a worry, the
“ps. please, learn to use the forum function.” no no no, stop with your ;passive-agresive passive-agresive aggressive replies its none of your business, how I choose to format a post. Its like you always wanted to be a Tough Guy but never had the balls to try it in the real world, Keyboard Worrier ? ? is that the phrase?

“try answering the question.” The question, F Off.

The post was self explanatory, there is no point, its information, its what you want to make of it. The smart thing to do would make comment on what Carlson is saying, or not bother . . the option that you and PLB took was to question my part in making The Post, that is irrelevant, “;the what’s the point”
“;answer the question”; what’s that shit?
If a post holds no interest for you personally, or you don’t understand, how the content, may or may not impact on the people that a political party might hope to represent. Understanding just how broad the views held by the general public are, can only help equip someone to represent that same general public you need a majority of to get elected in the first place.

Joe, sadly, I don’t think you have yet the attitude or skill set to represent PPAU. Your communication style online continues to concern me.

Yes, because you are the PPAU candidate for Robertson.

The rest of your post speaks for itself.

With all due respect, Joe, I find your level of discourse infantile and barely legible.

I apologise for asking why you posted the video, i certainly will not trouble you again.

(And i sure as hell wouldn’t vote for you).

Well I’m sorry to hear you say that, does that mean you think your more intelligent and mature than I? Kind of like saying, you think your a superior human being, than me. That s ok, I can handle it.

No need to apologise, sometimes even you, can make an error in judgement.

Now that’s just rude, not very becoming. for such a beautifully soul as. yourself.

Fuck me, i’m done here.

Good luck Pirates.

Well done Joe.


No problem Dave, glad to help out. It was best if PLB was stopped early, or we would have been in for another diatribe. like in the J. Peterson Thread.

PBL (52/232)

What more does he need to say? He’s been saying the same fucking thing for 25 years! You’re getting bored with it? Do you require that he goes even deeper into misogyny and traditional ways? Perhaps women should be stopped from working so the men folk can take back their control? You’re bored with it? You ought to shoot him an email and let him know. He listens to men.

Maybe The Well has run dry,

Here is another view, on the topic this is from an Intelligent, Successful, Woman.

You didn’t help. You get I was being sarcastic, right?

Yeah, he gave you a fair smacking last time. Don’t want to see that again, do we?

More like the horse wouldn’t drink.

Remember, the standard we walk past is the standard we accept. I don’t accept your standard and I will call it out.

I’m not going anywhere.