Opinions on Getup

What do you guys think of Getup? I’ve seen people roasting them for being money hungry and for taking credit for campaigns they had little to do with. On the flip side, they seem to spend a fair bit on employing young people in socmed jobs and teaching community organising and activism to people previously unfamiliar with those things. So are they a sham organisation packed with narcissists, or are they doing a good job engaging a new generation in politics?

labour party / trade union shills. becoming increasingly irrelevant. disappointed when I discovered this

They were always ALP … geez from back when I was in young Labor.

Getup for a time became known more of a protest party. Sure, that’s how most (if not all) parties typically come into being, but these guys have/had more of an “issue of the day” focus.

IIRC they stirred controversy when they registered, as they utilised their “issue of the day” petition subscription base to fulfill their membership numbers without consent of the subscribers, which consequently pissed off a lot of people.

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yeah the issue based protests was how I got on their mailing list, and then slowly realised they had an underlying agenda which they don’t state more openly, even though once you realise it/do some digging, it’s obvious. it pissed me off.

[edit] btw Getup only formed in 2005 and while technically a NFP, because of political stance, donations are not tax deductible. soon as I realised that, I thought they were seriously off. they are hypocrites.