OSDC 2015 (Hobart, TAS) Call for Papers Now Open

I am pleased to announce that the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2015 call for proposals is now open.

This year OSDC is coming to Hobart for the first time, and will be held from October 27-29, at the Wrest Point Convention Centre.

The deadline for proposal submission is July 5, 2015. All you need to provide at this stage is a brief description and abstract, so there’s still plenty of time before OSDC to prep your talk.

Speakers attend the conference for free; travel and accommodation is still your own gig, although we may be able to make arrangements in some special cases.

We welcome first-time speakers; this is a fun conference with a great community. We’d love to hear what you have to say about open source, whether it’s software, hardware, data, education or government.

Please sign up at https://2015.osdc.com.au/, create a speaker profile and propose a presentation. You can submit as many proposals as you wish, and come back to edit them later, so why not get started today?


The focus for OSDC 2015 is Opening Up For A Better World. Open source software, hardware and standards facilitate higher quality technology, better security and faster innovation; open data allows us to better discover and understand the world we live in; open government aims to ensure that citizens can participate in their democracy; open access publishing exists to spread knowledge and allow that knowledge to be built upon. Open by design is the best default.


While we’re looking for presentations related to creation or use of open source, naturally, there are many aspects that you could address:

  • Cultivating an open source community
  • Showcasing a successful, or unsuccessful open source implementation
  • Open source in the physical world
  • Open source in education
  • Open source in the business world
  • Closed source in an open source world
  • Open Standards and Open Data
  • Open Government

These, and many more topics that are relevant to today’s open source developers are desirable to help provide a diverse range of subjects at this years conference.

Register now at https://2015.osdc.com.au/ - we’d love to hear from you! Please also feel free to forward this CFP to anyone else you feel may be interested.

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Not going to make it to the event myself, but just thought I’d mention this:

One recent development likely worthy of some discussion is the impact TISA could have on open source adoption in the public sector, as, if enacted, it could prohibit governments from mandating the use of FOSS.

Tickets went on sale during the week, and we’ve got a draft schedule up, notably including a session by Michael Cordover: EasyCount, freedom of information and openness. See https://2015.osdc.com.au/ for more details, including registration info.