Overhaul the site theme

Our current theme restricts the number of updates/plugins we can use and either needs to be fixed for newer versions or replaced. This is an ideal opportunity to move to a new site design.

Task: Replace the WP theme used on the main site.

Status: Hasn’t been started yet, if anyone has any suggestions or skills with WP please get in contact.

Excuse my ignorance, but how on earth does the WP theme restrict amount of plugins?

I have administered and created WordPress websites in the past, the theme has nothing to do with the amount of plugins that can be operated.

I am curious as to how this conclusion was made.

The current wordpress theme does not work on newer versions of WP. Those newer versions are required for the plugin updates we’d like to perform.

Ok right. That makes more sense. Thank you for making the clarification.

@Fletcher, if nobody’s put their hands up for this I’m happy to do it. I’m unemployed at the moment so have plenty of time to help out.

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Since we’ve got the calendar working properly now this has a lower priority but if you’d like to have a crack at a refresh then go ahead :slight_smile:

If you have any questions/mock ups this thread would be the place to put them. I believe @piecritic had a mock up at one point.