PAX Aus 2016 video

At PAX Aus 2016 Pirate Party Australia presented its first panel, Pax Pirata: Creativity, Copyright, Conflict & Collaboration.

Yeah, I was pushing the aliteration as far as I could. Anyway, that panel was recorded by Dark Matter Zine and the video has been uploaded to YouTube recently-ish. So those of you who missed it and wanted to see it can noe do so.

HD Version:
Short link:

Note: the audio is what the Dark Matter equipment picked up from being set up near the front of the audience, not from the venue’s microphones directly.

Very special thanks to Nalini Haynes for making and providing this video. As well as to all our panellists: Jennifer Scheurle, Brigid Dixon, Paul Noonan, Morgan Jaffit and our own Simon Frew.


Great panel discussion Frew and Ben.
Even though it ran 20 minutes over, it actually felt like it was still going new places.


It also started 20 minutes late and Morgan had another panel to get to, but it all worked out. It was also great to show we could still have fun right alongside people we disagreed with here and there.

I forgot to include a couple of things in this post from Nalini’s website.

Specifically the article page with a little introductory description of all the panelists. As well as an audio file of the panel (MP3), for those needing to conserve download quotas or disk.