Pax Pirata - a panel on censorship at Pax Aus 2017

(miles_w) #1

This Sunday 29th, Pirate Party Australia member Ben McGinnes will be hosting a panel on censorship in gaming, media and society in the Wombat Theatre at Pax Australia from 2pm to 3pm. More details here:

This will be the second year we have run this event (after a packed out and highly received panel last year). Featuring activists, speakers, members of industry, academia and civil society, this panel will be a discussion around issues central to the Pirate Party Platform. This year we’ve also been upgraded to the largest theatre available at the convention with seating space for 1500 potential in-person viewers! If you are not in Melbourne or otherwise unable to make the event, you’re invited to watch the free live stream via the official Pax 3 Twitch channel

If you’re a member, you are invited to wear your Party shirt and I’ll be bringing two pullup banners for party visibility, as well as flyers to hand out at the door. Please contact Ben if you are interested in volunteering to hand out flyers, or look out for people like myself wearing a PPAU t-shirt. During the event I’ll be livetweeting from @PPAU_QLD via hashtags #paxpirata and I’ll be swinging in other tags like #censorship #auspol etc where I can fit them. Feel free to join me.

See you there pirates!

(Ben McGinnes) #2

I’ve also announced where to direct post-panel questions to in these tweets:

That Twitter account is open to receive DMs from anyone currently and I’ll follow that up post-PAX as planned.

Everything else needed behind the scenes is well in hand and we have a number of extremely professional people assisting the event. I expect most of them will remain unseen and it will be another interesting event for the audience and, this time, the online viewers.

All I’ll say regarding the behind the scenes work is that last year I saw how seamlessly and well PAX is presented for all its attendees. This year I’ve seen what makes that possible. We’re in very good hands.

Finally, I spent most of Saturday running around and living up to my job title, but throughout that I heard a lot of people say they were looking forward to it intended to come see it, including lots of Enforcers arranging breaks for the panel. It was also plugged during the Button Mashing & Joy Sticks: A Guide to Sex in Modern Gaming on Friday night (that was Lucie Bee’s other panel). So I’m pretty sure we’ll see another impressively scary (for me) level of attendance.